Beginner/ intro diving course

Try Scuba Diving Bali


Becoming a scuba diver in Bali is the first stage on an adventure that will forever change the way you look at the world and allow you to discover the lungs of our planet: the ocean.

The weightlessness of space is an activity available only for those highly skilled individuals’ astronauts.

As a Scuba diver, you’ll experience the wonders of underwater’s gravity, connect with extraordinary sea creatures, and explore wrecks and habitats hidden beneath the sea.

The Try Scuba diving program in Bali offers a quick introduction to the scuba diving universe. It is ideal for those curious in the ocean world, and it can be complete in a short time.

It is intended for people who don’t have time to start a full Open Water course, or for those who want to dive in Bali’s underwater universe before moving to an extended scuba diving training program.

Try scuba diving Bali


Everyone experiences his/her first dive differently. It all depends on your choice especially if you have opted for the pool session or the 2 initiation dives. We normally meet at about 7 am at the diving club. We will head to the dive site after settling the administrative details and sizing the equipment up. While there your dive instructor will give you information on the diving equipment you will also learn:

  • to breathe slowly and deeply through your regulator
  • to equalize your ears
  • the proper hand gestures to interact underwater.

The dive starts once those steps are complete. Your dive instructor deflates your BCD (Dive Jacket) and this is the beginning of your ocean adventure that will take you up to a depth of 12 meters. Your first instinct would be to breathe heavily underwater since there’s nothing normal to breathe underwater. You’ll be able to adapt slowly. In order to move around, your instructor will teach you some important underwater skills. Throughout the Try Scuba Diving course, anxiety will let the place to marvel with the exploration of a new world. You’ll quickly notice that the planet is much bigger and wealthier than you’d expect. This journey will open a new area of opportunities and you will only seek your next goal: to get your first level of diving.


The Try scuba diving program is intended for ALL those wishing to discover the marine world. You can dive without a license, accompanied by a diving instructor. However, it is important to follow a few recommendations:

  • Able to swim comfortably
  • Be at least 10 years old
  • Be in good physical condition

This program takes a day where you would have the chance to explore 2 fantastic dive sites and may be able to see the animals you dreamed of.


  • All transfers to and from your hotel to our Sanur Dive Centre (Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa and Jimbaran), a surcharge applies outside of these areas
  • Transport to the dive sites by car and / or traditional boat.
  • Full Scuba Diving equipment rental
  • Lunch & refreshment between the dive
  • 2 try dives in the ocean
  • Supervision by an experienced SSI Instructor.
  • SSI Try Scuba digital card



Price: 2,000k Rp

Which Bali's site can I dive in?

Try diving in padang bai

Located on the East-coast of Bali, Padang Bai cover a large area. The main specificity about Padang bai is its huge diversity of dive sites. It’s good place to start your underwater initiation. Blue Lagoon is the most popular for beginner courses because of its underwater topography. Indeed, the shallow white sandy bottom make this spot perfect to practice the underwater skills required to complete the try scuba diving program.

Just few minutes by boat from Blue lagoon, the site Pura Jepun is a fantastic second dive spot to explore. With a bottom in slope you follow the long shore current along the cliff and glide to see some critters, moray eel and sometime reef shark. A sunken fishing boat can also be seen but unfortunately you will need to upgrade to open water diver to see it as it lays at 15m.

Dive snorkeling Padang Bai
Dive snorkeling Amed

try diving in Amed

Amed is on the North-east of Bali’s edge. It is a volcanic area where you have a perfect view from the Mont Agung while from the beach. The black sandy beach is a great dive site to start your diving education. Without a boat, the entry from shore makes your first dives easy.

Uncrowded, the Coral reef remains intact and protected. You may see Blue Spotted Stingray, Batfish and Angelfish. Also, in some areas of Amed, some sculptures have been put underwater where animals have made them their home.

try diving in Tulamben

Tulamben is the most popular destination for scuba diver in Bali. Famous for the USAT liberty wreck that lie just few meters away from the beach. Same as Amed dive sites most of Tulamben sites are accessible from shore. The conditions are perfect for experience scuba diving for the first time. The beach is filled with pebbles but after few meters the black sand appear and it’s where the skills can be conducted.

The ship’s bottom is at 30m deep, but even though you are not qualified to reach this depth there will be plenty to see. Fishing has been forbidden in this area and the number of fishes has risen exponentially through the years. Wreck, Coral, Fishes and Mollusk everything you can hope to see during your first dive in Bali.

Diving snorkeling Tulamben


Scuba diver Bali

Scuba diver

The course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to scuba dive under the guidance of a dive instructor in open ocean.

Open water diver Bali

Open water diver

The perfect way to start journey as a qualified scuba dive. Specialized training is combined with in-water sessions to confirm that you have the proper skills and knowledge to become fully confident underwater.

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