specialty diving courses Bali

Specialty diver Bali


The Specialty diver Bali courses allow certified divers to perfect their skills in different aspects of diving. You can choose from a variety of courses based on what interests you.

All levels of divers can enroll in one of our dive specialty courses.

In these courses you will:

  • broaden your knowledge in marine life
  • Improve your techniques
  • diversify your experiences
  • Push your limit further
  • Plan and organize various types of dives
  • Set up procedures, prevent problems and risks related to the different areas of diving
Specialty diver Bali
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Select your specialty diver course

Enriched Air Nitrox Bali

Enriched Air Nitrox

The Enriched Air Nitrox course allows you to increase your no-decompression time, decrease your surface time and reduce the risk to decompression sickness. Perfect to plan your dive safely.

Night diving Bali

Night & Limited visibility

Night Diving Specialty is a thrilling and exciting experience. You'll have a chance to witness the shift after the sun goes down. The most incredible animals only come out at night, giving a memorable moment to scuba divers.

Perfect Buoyancy diver specialty

Perfect buoyancy

The Perfect buoyancy specialty course teaches you the techniques and principles needed to improve your swimming balance, minimize your effort, and reduce your breathing consumption.

Wreck diving specialty Bali

Wreck diving

Diving in a wreck is an exploration from our past. The Wreck diving specialty gives you the tools and training to safely explore the surrounding area of those underwater monuments.

Navigation diver Bali


In this course, you learn the techniques to navigate using a compass to find your way, or the underwater topography. This specialty course will guide you on how to find your way.

Drift diving specialty diver

Wave, Tides & Current

Water movement can have a significant impact on your comfort when scuba diving. This specialty course gives you the training to dive in currents, and various water conditions.

Deep Diving specialty

Deep diving

There are many thrilling dive sites in the deep sea.
Without proper training, that diving will be unsafe. The Deep Diving specialty takes you safely to the limits of recreational diving.

Online diving courses

Online diving courses

All programs are diving courses that can be done 100% online. We have chosen a wide range of diving courses to stimulate everyone's interests.

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