PADI Course

Rescue Diver Bali


During the Rescue course, you will learn how to deal with your own stress but also to recognize it in other people, to help them to prevent it, but also to avoid accident and panic at the different step of the dive. You will learn how:

  • to contact emergency facilities
  • organize an emergency plan
  • choose the best search pattern to find a missing diver
  • organize a rescue team
  • assist conscious and unconscious diver in the water

You will learn more about potential harmful marine life, and how to identify and treat most of the diving related injury.

The Rescue course if often seen as the most important course in a diver career. You will learn a lot about yourself, bring your skill to an other level, and just become a much more confident diver.

Duration: 3 days – 2 Rescue Scenario in Open Water


  • Be 12 years or older 
  • Be Advanced Open Water Diver (from PADI or from another organization) 
  • Completed a First aid CPR training  within the previous two years.
Efr Bali

The Emergency first response (EFR) is compulsory, for the Rescue course, unless you have completed a recognised CPR / First Aid Course in the past 24 months. During this course you will learn how to assess an accident, and to help people to stay alive. You will learn how to do an illness assessment, CardioPulmonary Resuscitation and also how to provide oxygen to a victim, which is the most common first aid in case of diving related accident.

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