Ecology diving

The Ecology diving programs are a series of courses designed to give you the most accurate information about our underwater world. The Sharks, Mantas Rays, and Sea turtles are majestic and intriguing animals. Knowing their behaviors, food, and impact in our lives has a significant repercussion on how we will behave. The Ecology diving courses are the first step toward the protection of our most valuable resource. It will also give you the knowledge to positively act to save those creatures.

Marine ecology

The oceans are a tremendous, dynamic and necessary piece of our World. Shockingly, we have started to find out about the importance of our ocean since the last century. Also, with our advanced technology we have just explored about 5% of the world’s ocean. Given the tremendousness of the task, it takes numerous specialists across a wide range of fields to gather the most complete marine information.

Marine Ecology is a wide and interesting topic that catches curiosity and attention. This course gives a general comprehension of all topic inside this field. You will learn about the ocean:

  • the different ecosystems that compose it
  • the diversity of life
  • the physical components
  • the natural and human impact
  • How can we influence the recovery.

You will cover diverse subjects across science, technology and engineering. Everything to determine your role in the evolution of the marine ecosystems.

10 Years


Marine ecology course
Shark ecology online dive course

Shark Ecology

The first things that come in your mind when you think of shark are dorsal fin, sharp teeth and FEAR to get bitten. This course has compiled a lot of data to give you the most accurate information about this fantastic animal. The goal is to break the misconception that you may have and wake up your curiosity and awareness of the importance of the shark in our ecosystem.

While we can define this diverse group of fish in several different ways, sharks do have certain features – which is what make the sharks so unique.

Sharks exist all over the world in oceans and some even venture into the fresh water. Learn about the sharks, from their physiology and behavior to misunderstandings and human effects on them, and how this eventually affects the ocean environment.

From the sharks ‘origin to their current position in the ocean world, the Shark ecology course offers a detailed look at these incredible species.

10 Years


Manta & Ray Ecology

For hundreds of millions of years Rays have been around. Some of them appeared long before the dinosaurs roamed the World, but remarkably little is known about these mythical creatures including how old they are, when they age, and how far they travel.

What do you picture when you think of a ray? Is it a southern stingray hiding under the white sand, or a magnificent spotted eagle ray floating over a large block of corals? Maybe it’s the grandfather of all of them, the giant manta ray, that can reach six meters from fin to fin and float through the open ocean like a nighthawk cutting through the darkness of a chill at night.

In this course, you will discover what makes a ray a ray, recognize how they differ from sharks, detect where they live, learn what they eat, and distinguish one ray from the next.

10 Years


Manta & Ray ecology online diving course
Sea turtle ecology online course

Sea Turtle ecology

Elegant in the water, sea turtles are gliding across the ocean with the highest ease and travel to far distant beaches to ensure the survival of their species.

You will study the past of these marine reptiles, the obstacles to their survival, reproduction, and how they manage the challenges they face.

You’ll discover and be able to recognize all seven species of sea turtles, how far they can travel, and yet somehow return to the beach where they were raised to lay their eggs.

Despite being living in the ocean, they still require freshwater to live.

There are only a few species alive today of those legendary reptiles. The Sea turtle Ecology course will track their origin, environment, behaviors, and food supplies. We will also explain how natural and men have an effect to the sea turtles, and how you can help to protect those vulnerable animals.

10 Years




Price: 900k Rp


Science of diving

Science of diving

Expand your diving knowledge beyond the basics of diving. Topics such as physiology, physics, equipment, and ecology are cover in this course. You will understand everything about scuba diving.

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