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The ocean world is vast and intriguing. While on holiday, the scuba diving course teaches you, most of the time, new skills to practice underwater and explore new places. The online diving courses give you an in-deep theoretical knowledge of scuba diving. At home, you have a lot of possibilities to expand your diving knowledge and go deeper into some topics that usually not proposed.

At Ocean Gravity we’ve put together a list of awesome online diving courses available to any certified diver. They can be taught fully online to help make your time quarantined as interesting and productive as possible.

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Once you sign up you will receive an e-mail where you can download the book relate to the topic chosen. You will get through it and at the end of each chapter complete the knowledge review. It’s good way to remember the most relevant point covered in the chapter. We will follow your learning all the way. Once completed we will organize a conference call with our instructor. You will review together the most important point of the course and also clarify the subjects unclear. The last part of the online diving course is the final exam.  When you pass it, you will review the mistake made with your Instructor and the license will be issued.

No time limit is required to complete the reading to give you the chance to learn at your pace.

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Science of diving

Science of diving

Expand your diving knowledge beyond the basics of diving. Topics such as physiology, physics, equipment, and ecology are cover in this course. You will understand everything about scuba diving.

Ecology program Bali

Ecology programs

The differents Ecology courses give you a general understanding of the complex marine ecosystems, the difficulties that it faces, and how we can act.

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