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Dive site Tulamben

Scuba diving Tulamben

Tulamben is on the North Coast of Bali two and half hours from our dive center. It’s quiet village most known for the USAT Liberty. The Liberty is a cargo ship sunken 15m from the shore. People from all around the planet make the trip to Tulamben as this site is see by the diver community has one of the best shipwreck in the world.

This village has several dive sites all differ from each other from wall diving, muck diving to wreck diving we guarantee that you will find the dive spot that suit your expectations.

Diving Tulamben

USAT Liberty wreck

The liberty Wreck is cargo ship lying few meter from the main beach. The boat was torpedo by Japanese sub-marine during the WWII in the large of Tulamben. It’s only few years later that the Indonesian authorities decide to take the ship out and during the extraction the Volcano erupt and push the cargo back in the ocean in the position where it is now.

This site is one of the best experience diver can have in the island. The Wreck is almost fully covert by healthy coral and sponges. In some part it is possible to swim inside safely.



~ 16m


Diving Tulamben
Diving Tulamben


It begins from the beach. The first minute the divers swim along the sandy bottom in slope where they can see some critter, nudibranch and Lionfish. Later appear a cliff full of coral, sponge and colourful fish. In the crack of the wall many small animal are hiding in the dark like Moray eel, Frogfish and Scorpionfish
For advanced diver if you dive to 25m you may spot some pygmy seahorse.



~ 14m



This name comes from the couple of rocks that lie offshore. As you go deep the reef plunge dramatically to 50m. This site is shelter of various species of coral and small fish. Sometime big pelagic can be seen in the deep part but diver must apprehend it with attention as down current can come from nowhere.



~ 12m


Diving Tulamben