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Diving course Bali


Scuba diving course Bali have been established to optimize safety when you practice this sport. Each diver has a diving license card attesting to his / her training. This is important for choosing the gear, booking a diving trip, selecting the air type and even getting a job as a qualified diver.

Depending on your scuba diving level, we can check that you have the knowledge, skills and experience required by the various training agencies. At Ocean Gravity we are affiliated with the best diving organizations in the world SSI and PADI. Our goal is to give you the tools and confidence to access the ocean.

Our multiple Scuba diving courses in Bali are taught educationally to your pace. From beginner to professional, there is no limit to your learning. We have carefully selected the dive sites of Bali with safety and pleasure in mind.

Diving Course Bali


When it comes to Online diving training, SSI has successfully perfected the use of technology to improve your diving education, anytime and anywhere. The courses are simple, interactive, succinct, and enjoyable.

Log in and explore – You get full access to the digital SSI diving courses by registering with us. The data are simple to find, with detailed HD videos, animations, images, and illustrations to improve your diving learning.

To succeed, watch the related videos, read the text and at the end of each section answer the knowledge review questions. This will be the basics of your academy sessions until going into the water. You can complete all the training online or in a classroom with us in Bali.

In MySSI app is integrates:

  • a Digital DiveLog
  • your Digital Certification Card
  • your Digital diving books
  • a dive center locator
  • Connection to the dive community.

So, start now and learn the new diving education!

What will you learn in the diving course?

Becoming a diver can change your life and the outlook you may have on this environment. You will experience new sensations like:

  • Breathing through the regulator
  • Managing your buoyancy
  • The effects of water on your body
  • Getting in touch with unsuspected species

Our diving courses in Bali have been structured to provide you the knowledge, confidence and diving skills to explore this world peacefully.

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Select your diving course

Scuba diver Bali

Scuba diver

The course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to scuba dive under the guidance of a dive instructor in open ocean.

Open water diver Bali

Open water diver

The perfect way to start journey as a qualified scuba dive. Specialized training is combined with in-water sessions to confirm that you have the proper skills and knowledge to become fully confident underwater.

Advanced Diver Bali

Advanced Diver

This diving course enables you to practice five unique open water dives from five Specialty courses without having to complete the full dive specialty. If you are uncertain of your next step, this is the perfect dive course to improve your experience and dive skills and experience.

Rescue diver Bali

Rescue diver

In this diving program, you will learn the skills and knowledge to recognize and manage stress, avoid accidents, and cope with an emergency experienced by divers.

Specialty diver Bali

Specialty diver

The multiple Specialty diver courses enable you to dig deeper into some dive areas. Whether you're interested in developing your dive skills, learning new techniques, or getting the tools to go further in your exploration, there is the specialty for you.

Online diving courses Bali

Online diving courses

All programs are diving courses that can be done 100% online. We have chosen a wide range of diving courses to stimulate everyone's interests.

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