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The Dive specialties Bali are diving courses that allow certified divers to perfect their skills in different aspects of diving. Depending on the interests of each, it is possible to choose from a multitude of themes.

Whether you are beginner or experienced diver you have the possibility of taking special courses.

These courses allow you to:

  • broaden your knowledge and improve your techniques
  • diversify your experiences
  • allow you to plan, organize various types of dives
  • to set up procedures, prevent problems and risks related to the different areas of diving
  • What is included
  • Course registration
  • Transfer from your hotel in Sanur, Kuta, Semyniak. 
  • Certification fees.
  • Transport to the dive sites with car or traditional boat
  • Lunch and refreshment during the dives
  • The Specialty dives required for the course
  • Teaching by an experienced Instructor.
  • Full Dive Equipment
  • All taxes and park fee entrance for the dive sites

To sign up for to one of the Speciality Course all student need to fill the liability release and the medical statement.

If you respond ‘Yes’ to one questions of the questions we require medical clearance from your doctor.


The Enriched Air Diver or Nitrox diver is an attractive Specialty course that give lot of benefits to diver. Diving with Enriched Air can extend your time in depth considerably and have a large safety in your dive.

The Nitrox course teach you how to organize and dive with gas mix of up to 40% oxygen.

Lot of diver in the community are interest about this course to go deeper, its misconception. The main purpose of this gas is to stay longer at depth. In fact, diving with air allow you to dive deeper than with Nitrox. This gas contains more oxygen and less nitrogen. Which mean that your body will accumulate less nitrogen and by so increase your bottom time. Nitrox is often used in repetitive dive when diver dive more than twice a day.

We highly recommend all diver to enroll in Nitrox diver Bali course as not only you will increase your bottom time but you will reduce the risk of Decompression sickness.

12 years old

Open Water Diver

 1 day

Nitrox diver Bali

our price

Enriched Air course

Rp 5,200,000 *
Rp 2,200,000
Night diver Bali


The Night Diver Bali offers you the chance to observe the change once the sun sets. Some transformation happen at night, some types of fish only show up under obscurity, giving scuba diver a unique chance.

When the night appear the vast majority of the reefs occupants go back to their habitat. But there are a troop of fish that are starting their day. These Nocturnal make night dive an intriguing moment as these types of fish are hidden on the day. Diving in the obscurity is extraordinary as you will see the light’s emissions of your torch. At the beginning it can be bewildering, and yet a lifetime experience.

In the Night diver Bali you will develop knowledge, skills, and techniques to safely enroll in a night dive and appreciate the different nocturnal marine life.

12 years old

Open Water Diver

 3 days

our price

Night diver course

Rp 5,200,000 *
Rp 5,400,000


The Deep Diver Specialty Course in Bali is intended to provide the necessary training to plan and execute dives beyond the depth limits authorized to an Advanced Diver.

With the deep diver course you will learn to:

  • Discover your reactions to the narcosis
  • Learn the techniques to dive in the range of 30-40m
  • Emergency exercises
  • Learn more about how colour reacts in depth
  • See the effects of pressure on different objects and equipment.

At the end of the Deep Diver Course, you will be certified to dive to a maximum depth of 40 meters.

15 years old

Advanced Diver

 2 days

Deep diver Bali

our price

Deep diver course

Rp 5,200,000 *
Rp 5,400,000
Wreck diver Bali


The Wreck diver Bali specialty is a great adventure to scuba diver that want to sharpen their skills and expand their experience while exploring the past stories. A huge number of diver enroll in Wreck diver Bali course whether it is to see a bit of history, or to watch the nature starting another life. There is lot to gain about the history of the world below the surface and the wreck diver specialty is the best way to do it

Through 4 wreck dive you will cover 3 important categories, with each category presenting more risk than the one before it:

  • Non-penetration diving
  • Limited penetration diving
  • Full penetration diving

At the end of this course you will be able to plan your dive in a wreck, and see the dangers in such site.  You will plan and organize four different wreck dives, improve your navigation and buoyancy skills.

15 years old

Advanced Diver

 2 days

our price

Wreck diver course

Rp 5,200,000 *
Rp 5,400,000
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