Scuba diving Moyo



turquoise waters and pristine reefs

Moyo island is located in Sumbawa a big island  just east of Bali and is mostly unknown by tourists. Sumbawa is best known for the Tambora Volcano, where the most destructive volcano eruption ever took place in 1815.

The diving in Moyo island is absolutely fantastic. It certainly ranks among some of the best, with a wide variety of dives, from muck to classic reefs. However, there’s almost no dive industry to speak of on the island. Ocean Gravity is the only dive center in Bali that offer a Safari to Sumbawa from Bali.

Far away from the crowded dive spot. Moyo’s dive spot are not well known from the mass tourism. That’s why most of the time you’ll have the opportunity to get the dive spot for yourself.


  • Pick up/Drop off to your hotel in Sanur.
  • Transfer to the airport and fly to Sumbawa Besar
  • Transport to the dive sites by boat
  • Lunch and refreshment during the dives
  • Accomodation for 4 night in guest house with breakfast.
  • 9 Fun Dives
  • Guided by a experienced PADI Instructor.
  • Full Dive Equipment
  • All taxes and park fee entrance for the dive sites

Scuba diving Moyo

dive site Moyo

diving Moyo

Ready to go scuba diving in MOYO?


Angel Reef is dive site for all dive level. The site is a mount off Moyo Island whose sandy top breaks the surface at low tide. The seaward side of the mount has a steep drop-off while the side facing Moyo has a gentler slope.

What to see
The reef is covered with large schools of snapper, deerfish and red-toothed triggerfish. If you are passionate about macro life you will be able to see a large nudibranch notodoris serenae. There was also a lot of more common phyllidia varicosa in the vicinity

Scuba diving Moyo


This pleasant dive site is located off the island of Sumbawa very close to the island of Sadonta. Although this is called a ‘wall’, there is also a beautiful area of ​​flat reefs.
The currents are quite low and make this site passable at all levels.

What to see
There is a good mix of hard and soft corals. In hard corals, you will find lots of moray eels, and in shallow areas see crocodilefishs

Scuba diving Moyo