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Diving "à la carte" in Bali

Our Dive safari Bali is the perfect option for those that want to dedicate a big part of their holiday to scuba diving. With hundreds of dive sites, Bali has one of the most various eco-system on the planet. As a scuba diver you never explore this island fully and prepare of what it has to offer.

Of course you may have seen some coral and colorful fish even one or two shark. But an immersion in Indian Ocean it’s diving in something different. It’s a combination of colorful coral, macro life and giant animal all at the same time

That why we have selected some unique circuit around the island in our Dive safari Bali for a maximum of pleasure. Because your holiday’s time is precious why not let you drift and enjoy the wonders of the “island of gods”?

Dive Safari Bali

What you need to know

The dive safaris Bali have been planned in order to offer you the best possible experience according to the time you have available. With that said, we can offer safaris on request around Bali but also on other islands of Indonesia like Komodo, Wakatobi, Moyo or Raja Ampat. Do not hesitate to contact us if your vacation in Indonesia is focus on exploring the most beautiful marine sites of this vast country.


  • Transfer from your hotel in the South of Bali. 
  • Transport to the dive sites with a car or traditional boat.
  • Lunch and refreshment during the dives.
  • Number of dives depending on the chosen package.
  • Guiding by an experienced Diving Instructor.
  • Full rental diving equipment.
  • All taxes and park fee entrance.
  • Accomodation in a Deluxe room (King size bed, private bathroom, A / C)



Manta Discovery

During the Safari Manta Discovery you will explore the richest place of Bali. Well known for its high concentration of Manta Ray, Nusa Penida is visited all year by thousands of divers. The opportunity to spot this fantastic animal just 45min by boat from the mainland.

The expedition will give you a memorable experience of what the undersea of Nusa Penida has to offer. Not only for the Mantas ray, those spots are loved by scuba divers for spotting often big pelagic such as bamboo shark, thresher shark, moray eel, eagle ray and during the right season the Ocean sunfish.

A minimum experience is require for enrol in this trip, as the conditions are changing regarding the moon phases.  




2 days

Manta Discovery safari
Finest expedition safari

Finest Expedition

The Safari Finest Expedition is for those that have just a few days. It’s the best option to explore at maximum the underwater of Bali.

Drift, Macro, Wreck and Night everything is in it to give you the best experience in a short period of time. We will explore the best dive site but experience is require to sign up for this safari. Some dive sites have strong current that can be challenging without good practice.

Whether you like macro-animal or big pelagic we had planned this excursion to satisfy all taste.




4 days

Marvelous Bali

You decide to devote you next holiday in Bali in scuba diving? This Safari is for you as we have arrange a special circuit all around the island. You will discover all the hidden dive places from the island of god. Not only for diving but you will see the authentic Hindu culture while crossing it.

Safaris are the chance to develop his skills. We can arrange to combine a specialty course during this Safari. This package allow us to teach all the specialties that we propose. Contact us today!




6 days

best diving excursion bali
Diving Safari Menjangan


The Safari Menjangan is an amazing dive destination for wall diving with a great opportunity to dive deep.The walls are sublime with incredible soft coral, sponges and little caves to investigate all along.

Menjangan Island is part of the West Bali National Park, 25-30 minutes by boat from Pemuteran. Far removed, the northwest offers a view into the uniqueness of Bali .If you are looking for memorable dives, adventures in nature and relax, Menjangan is definitely a must.

The Dive Safari Menjangan is also very rewarding for beginners. The current is very light and the visibility is usually very good and can even be outstanding ( more than 50m ). Additionally, you can explore the reef around 10 meters down. The walls and the extremely bright coral offer photographer the chances to catch some lovely shots.




2 days

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