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Indonesia is a paradise for scuba diver. With thousands of island, Indonesia has one of the most various eco-system on the planet. As a scuba diver you never explore this country fully and prepare of what it has to offer.

Of course you may have seen some coral and colorful fish even one or two shark. But an immersion in Indian Ocean it’s diving in something different. It’s a combination of colorful coral, macro life and giant animal all at the same time.

We have selected some unique destination around the country for a maximum of pleasure. Because your holiday’s time is precious why not let you drift and enjoy the wonders of Indonesia?

Scuba diving Indonesia

Dive Safari Indonesia

OurS dive SAFARI

Dive Safari Bali

You will discover in this safari this giant animal in the wild. A memorable experience close to the nature.

Dive Safari Bali

The best dive sites in Bali in short time. Wreck and big pelagic, you will get an amazing glimpse of Bali

Dive Safari Bali

All you want to do during your holiday in Bali is diving. Well this dive safari may be for you!

Dive Safari Bali

Part of the West Bali National Park. This safari offer wall diving with incredible coral