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    Our office hours are from Monday to Saturday from 9:30am to 6:30pm.


    You will find below the most frequent questions which our customers ask . If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

    While scuba diving is fun and relaxing, it is important that divers are in good physical condition.
    This is why before each course you must complete a medical statement – a certificate from your doctor will be required if you have any of the symptoms listed. This way, you are sure to commit yourself safely.
    For divers already certified, it is up to you to know your limits and in case of doubt it is recommended to do a little check up with your doctor.

    The minimum age is 10, but there are swimming pool programs for children from 8 years old.

    Having your own scuba diving equipment can guarantee comfort and fit, but it is not a requirement. Our dive center includes equipment, with no additional charge. At the same time, our standard rental mask does not necessarily fit all faces. This is why we recommend at least having your own diving mask.

    It will depend on your air consumption. Beginners tend to use their air faster than experienced divers. Other factors also affect air consumption; gender, depth, physical condition, marine conditions, your swimming and even water temperature. In general for beginners the first dives vary between 20 to 30 min, while for the more experienced will be between 45 to 60. The air consumption improves as you dive.

    It will depend on your area of ​​interest and your availability. Indeed if you do not wish to dive, a snorkeling excursion will be what suits you. Otherwise we have 2 programs, the Try diving which takes a day or the Open Water Diver course that takes 3 days.

    We offer our services in English, French, German and Italian

    So that you have a pleasant time we limit the groups to no more than 3 peoples for an Instructor / Guide.

    Sharks are incredible animals and encounters with these graceful creatures are highly sought by divers around the world. Despite what many people believe, sharks are not killing machines and attacks against divers are very rare. In fact most of the time, sharks tend to avoid divers.

    Absolutely. One option is to dive with contact lenses. If you don’t wear contact lenses, a prescription mask is a great option. However, our dive center only offers standard masks, it is up to you to consult your ophthalmologist who will offer you the best option.

    For safety reasons it is important to know how to swim before signing up for a diving course. Indeed, underwater you will experience new sensations, such as the lack of gravity and breathing through the regulator. With this your brain will switch in automatic mode in order to be able to manage these emotions, and if you do not have a minimum of swimming skills you will be tired due to the ineffectiveness of your kicking. Take a swimming test beforehand if you are not sure of your comfort in the water.

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