Scuba diving Bali

Scuba diving Bali

Discover your
new passion

Our mission is to give you the best underwater experience possible regardless of your diving level.

Snorkeling Bali

Snorkeling Bali

Probe the ocean
from the surface

An activity for everyone safely framed for unforgettable memories of Bali.

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At Ocean Gravity Bali, we offer personalized experiences to make your scuba diving exploration of Bali as memorable and intense as possible. Our mission is to give everyone access to the marine world, whatever your level of comfort. With the right support and teaching, anyone can experience the feeling of being underwater. So do not hesitate any longer and join us for your next adventure!

What makes us so unique?

Priority on safety

Preparation and planning are the twin pillars for us. That's why all the Bali's sites are selected regarding your level and confidence.

Personalized Diving Service

We take every diver who dives with us into consideration and that why we customize our premium diving service to match your personal needs.

FREE Rental equipment

Our full diving equipment often control and maintain assure you a safe and enjoyable time without any extra cost.

A multilingual team

We provide all our services in English, German, and Indonesian

Small groups

We limit our groups to 3 people. We want divers to be relaxed and serene during their stay in Bali.

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Snorkeling Bali

Snorkeling trips

Snorkeling is your entrance into the undersea. With minimal training, you can explore the magic of the underwater world, and top-quality snorkeling equipment will give you a safe way to go and discover the ocean's mysteries.

Scuba diving courses Bali

Scuba diving courses

You can begin your underwater adventure or enhance your diving skills and knowledge through our various diving courses.

Try scuba diving Bali

Try scuba diving

The first step towards a scuba diver’s life! You’ll discover a mystical, enigmatic and captivating universe that is the source of all life on Earth. You will learn the skills and knowledge to dive into your first scuba diving experience.

Dive sites Bali

Explore Bali's dive sites

You will explore the multiple dive sites of Bali according to your scuba diving rating to uncover a marine life like nowhere else.


Bali’s ocean is one of Earth’s most abundant habitats. Even today, we still discover some mysteries. Nevertheless, biodiversity richness is not the only indicator of a healthy environment for diving. Perhaps the greatest attraction of Bali is its wide array of dive sites. In Bali you can Scuba dive and snorkel:

  • On a shipwreck.
  • Off black beaches.
  • Over sandy slopes.
  • Among big bommies.
  • Along deep coral crevices.
  • In rough currents.
  • And more…

In short, Bali accommodates all tastes for all levels. Join us today!

What our customers have to say

Certificate of excellence

The truth has been the best diving experience I've had.

I decided to have the OPEN WATER DiVER certification in Bali and it was the best decision of all. our instructor Kamel is super professional, focused on safety, kind, friendly and patient from the first day.

Highly recommended to do diving dives in Bali.

Renzo Corno Jeri


It was a great experience. since i contact Ocean Gravity Bali, i got very profesional information. We made the Open Water course with our seamaster diving instructor Kamel he is an incredible cool nice person.
All the process was based on a very professional, secure, trust, passion and a great experience. Great people great attention and an out of this world experience.

Filip Craane


I booked the 1 day Diving Course for myself, my daughter and her partner. None of us had ever dived before but Dive Instructor Kamel was very patient (with me especially) and gave us time and guidance to feel comfortable underwater. Unfortunately due to my nervousness & fear I didn't get to complete the course but my daughter's partner thoroughly enjoyed himself so much that when next in Bali would love to complete the 3 Day Course

Valerie Liebich


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